Archangel Oracle Shop                       Founded by Deidre Guns, -- jewelry, Angel card readings, and more!

Archangel Oracle web                          Founded by Deidre Guns, Archangel Oracle offers jewelry, Angel card readings and more!

Magickal Goodies                                    Founded by Farida, Magickal Goodies offers magickal items, reiki, and more! Canada

Cosmic Goddess Empowerments   Founded by Rosemary Noel, Cosmic Goddess Empowerments offers a wide variety of Reiki Attunements.  USA

David Price Author                                 David Price is a Sci Fi and Fantasy Fiction Writer. USA.

Dorothy Morrison                                   Dorothy Morrison--Author, Teacher,--Magickal Supplies.  USA

Farnbluete                                                  Founded by Suzanne Funke, Farnbluete offers Reiki Attunements and more!  Germany.

GateLight                                                  Founded by Daniela Hills, GateLight offers, Reiki Attunements, Readings, Healing and More. Canada

Healing Room Karen                             Founded by Karen Kato, Healing Room Karen offers healing and reiki--located in Japan.

Kundalini Reiki Healing                      Founded by Elisabetta Migliarini Elliott, Kundalini Reiki Healing offers Reiki attunements and more! Italy

Lavinias Magic                                          Founded by Lavinia Sina Szendrei, Lavinias Magic offers Reiki Attunements, Magic Items and Spells. Germany

Masters Healing Light Academy     Founded by Tracey Loper, Masters Healing Light Academy offers a Reiki Attunements and Readings. USA

Sacred Healing Light                            Founded by Suzanne Roloff, Sacred Healing Light offers Reiki Attunements and more!  USA.

Silver RavenWolf                                  Silver RavenWolf --Author, Teacher, Artist, Magickal Supplies -- Magick, Wicca. USA

SpiritLight Reiki on Etsy                    Founded by Daelyn Wolf, SpiritLight Reiki on Etsy offers Reiki Attunements, Healings, Readings, Artwork, and    Magickal Lightwork items!  USA.

Tree of Life Reiki Center                    Founded by Wanda Eagleton, Tree of Light Reiki Center offers Reiki Attunements and More! USA.