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Save Speedy--Surgery needed --scheduled for Thursday June 27th!

Speedy was diagnosed with a large bladder stone and needs surgery to save her life.  She has had tests run now, and must have surgery to save her life.  Speedy is special. She loves music, watching TV --especially South Park, and we love her so much.  Surgery is expensive, and so I am asking for donations to help with the medical expenses.   The total cost of everything is $5370.   We have paid part of this so far and need help raising the remaining $3500.  

Speedy is 12 years old. We got her as a tiny baby from a breeder. She is an African Spurred Tortoise -- Sulcata.  She weighs 64 pounds. She is gentle, loving, has a very expressive way of communicating her desires. She will look at you and then point by tapping her nose on the floor to tell you I want more food --put it right here.  She knows her name. She knows how to play games such as the bridge is up and the bridge is down (this is a game we play when I do dishes--when the dishwasher door is open --the bridge is down, when the door is closed --the bridge is up. And she will circle around over and over to play this so I have to open and close the door to play this with her. She knows  the command "come on Speedy, come on" as done with a dance sort of motion and will come. She knows "speedy twirl" which is when I am dancing with her and tell her to twirl around. Speedy is special.  

Her surgery involves cutting through her shell on the bottom and removing the bladder stone, replacing the shell and sealing it with resin--it will take up to a year for the shell to heal and regrow together. Also she will have a feeding tube in her neck that goes to the esophagus for medications and fluids etc. for up to a month after the surgery. The Vet we have specializes in this work and is very good. 

Please help us save her life by donations--any amount is appreciated.  You can use the donation button shown below for paypal.  or you can donate through go fund me which I have posted a link for below also.



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